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Students are demanding to reopen DU completely

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

The protesting students also said that they should have the right to choose between online and offline modes during the term-end examinations.

Beginning 1 February, DU reopened for final-year science students who need to finish their lab work to complete their courses but after 20 days of reopen attendance is less than 40%.

Among the important reasons is that, according to college administrations, is that students from other parts of India are still reluctant to return to Delhi. Many students are also said to be unwilling to juggle online and offline lessons, and prefer to stick to digital classes until colleges reopen in full swing.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) held a protest on Thursday near Chhatra Marg, Delhi University’s Arts Faculty demanding that they fully reopen the university and start on-campus classes. Other student organizations have been protesting for the same thing for quite some time now.

The protesting students also said that they should have the right to choose between online and offline modes during the term-end examinations. They added that all the libraries should be reopened for a period of at least 12 hours each working day and all undergraduate and postgraduate hostels should also be reopened. student are not happy with partial online/offline classes. They want DU start regular classes so that continuity maintain. online classes bring a gap in education system. Many students due to connectivity and other issue not able to take classes that also cause a type of depression in student.

Student demanding now DU open colleges completely by making some rules and regulations because online classes is not taking place of offline class. Now situation of COVID-19 is under control, 2 vaccinations is available then why DU not allowing offline classes?

“While we have pushed for an expeditious reopening of the varsity, we have not insisted on compulsory attendance. Post resumption, the university administration must ensure the continued availability of virtual classroom instructions and on-campus attendance for students should remain voluntary.” said Sidharth Yadav, State Secretary, ABVP Delhi.

The university officials assured that the existing hostel residents could continue to stay in the hostels as guests while appropriate arrangements for the permanent stay of first-year students will be made after the conclusion of their term-end examinations in March, the ABVP said in a statement.

The delegation also alerted the Proctor of the high-handed approach of the law enforcement officials and specifically demanded a pruned but adequate police presence within the campus, failing which ABVP will conduct a gherao of the local police station to register its dissatisfaction with the abusive behaviour of the police officials. The Proctor assured that the university administration will consult the concerned police officials and the grievances would be promptly redressed.

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