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Updated: Aug 15, 2022



EDUCATION SYSTEM IN INDIA :- Education history is very old in ancient India. Earlier gurukul was a type of school in which children were come to get an education, but with the passage of time gurukul change into modern school and guru change into sir and madam.

Reality is that education is not only education at the present time it is a great business that never goes in loss because parents believe in private schools increases too much in some recent years govt school loss their value. Private schools provide quality infrastructure, functioning and safe toilets, safe drinking water, the strictness of the education department due to every teacher play their role greatly but Govt school fails to fulfill this requirement. Our education system is not changed too much from the earlier education system. In past poor, backward category children are not allowed to get an education, at the present time condition is also the same poor families are unable to send their children in private school. They send their children to the Govt school were children face too many problems.

According to the survey:- At the age of 14 enrollment, the gap between boys and girl is minimum with 94% of girl 95% Of boys but the age of 18, only 68% of girls and 72% of boys are enrolled for education. rest of the children stop education start working in factories and shops due to ‘poverty’ financial condition of family between all this circumstances ‘child labor’ increase. Gils stop their education because her family members think that girls do not need education, after marriage they doing work in the kitchen only. This superstitious thinking  increase the education gap between girls and boys.

  • In our country ‘quality of education’ are not present. Education system mostly based on the learning process only, schools do not give to much attention towards curriculum activities because of all over development and creativity do not take develop in children.

  • Teachers in govt school do not perform their duty honestly and take advantage of the secure job, while in India Govt gives warm salary to the teachers.

  • We cannot deny saying that Govt does not perform their duty in the education system. Govt always tries to raise the standard of education in India but fail because of the loose system and middle man.The cash or fund that is come from Govt for an education system that ends in path by brokers till it reaches the right hand for the development of education.

  • Govt start half day meal for small children, provide medical facilities, nutritive and vitamin capsule every month, for girls start too many schemes like- Beti Bachao Beti padho, sukanya sumridhi scheme, ladle yojna in which scholarships are provided for girls candidate.govt try to give there best so that everyone gets the chance of education but fails because of too many brokers.

Changes need in our education system:-

  • This is very important first we clear the concept of education in young youth mind.what is education? How it works as a tool to change lives and in completing dreams. because ‘develop a dream in the eye of youth is a big and essential thing’ it clear the concept of why they are studies.which is most important before getting the education.

  • With the learning process need seminars, counseling so that children encourage education and share their problems openly in counseling.

  • Strictness in the system so that teacher perform their duty honestly and understand that teachers are those who change the future of the entire country by giving knowledge to the children.

  • Presently, as suggested in the draft national education policy, 2019 certain regions of the country with a large population form ‘special education zone’ that raise the standard of education.

  • Give a chance of education to everyone whether a person is physically handicapped or a transgender because everyone has an equal right to get an education. It is possible by giving special education to a physically challenged person and by giving reserve seats for transgender.

  • According to data 78% of the population lives in a rural area without provision for a special school. God’s send everyone with special qualities and education plays a great role to find and improve those quality.

  • We need to re-evaluate the education system in India so that young mind understand the real concept behind the education that -‘education not only means a good job or a warm salary but it makes a good personality and good citizen of our country’.


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