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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

THE HUMAN RIGHT OF WOMEN INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY :- on 8 March, we all celebrate international women's day. That day everyone talks about the achievement of women in every field whether it is related to education, sports, media, science, technology, medical, and more. women progressively achieving success in every field but we forget there struggle behind success. it is easy to say, yes women are equal to men in 21 century but if we examine the struggle we find that women work harder than men. she faces the thinking of the society when going outside the home, she faces the inequality in the workplaces, home. Women stop herself for higher goals because her parents do not allow them because in our society people believe that if women living inside the home then society calls that women are civilized but those women who want to complete their dreams by going outside the home then society say that women are characterless. even after all this thing, women performed better than men. for example, we see in 2019 women filled 80,000 more admissions form for du colleges than the number of men. In 2019 the enrollment rate in school between girls and boys proves this from which rate they achieved success. we have a lot of stories to show their talent while their family does not support too much like boys. a very good example is IAS Vandana Chauhan from Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, she belongs to the orthodox family but proof the strength of women.

As a  girl, I face many problems in the 21 century. we all talking a lot on women's day about their achievement but I want don't tell her achievement to tell the story behind the success. yes, it is right to say women developed a lot. if we are going towards the slum or village we see the condition of women is more worst.  she faces challenges of child marriages, emotional depression, going outside the home without permission,  husband violence, talaq, and many more uncountable discriminations.

we all talk about the clan society hence we give to much respect to the boys and everyone wants a boy child but we forget there is no society without women . sometimes I think 'It is better to kill a girl in fetus rather than she suffers whole life'. this line for those who do not respect women in these orthodox family, where she dies every day, every hour, every minute. In our country, we talk about equality but today I ask this question ' how many males doing household work'? no one talked about it this equality. if women earn equal to men in the family then why men receive more credit? where women perform dual work. Day by day divorce, family separation cases increasing in our society what is the region behind it? I think on one hand we say women are equal there are many movies like THAPPAD,  MARDAANI

 proves women are strong but in reality, we do not accept all this thing. we forget their equality in the home then crime cases increase in our society. after so many achievements, 21-century women look scared in going outside the's targeted  women in many cases like sexual harassment, rape, acid attack, etc

we need to make the path of women easier so that they achieve their target easily. This is possible only when we give good upbringing to our children because the root of gender discrimination creat in the childhood when we give more opportunity and respect to the boys rather than the girl because a small child does not know he/she is weak or strong thoughts of society make them weak or strong. "boy study for herself but girls study for the whole nation". I request every parent to give equal opportunity to their daughter in every field and teach her son always to respect women. Recently supreme court decision also makes women glad by gave equal opportunity in the army. The government also started too many schemes for the progress of women but all these schemes will be successful only when society changes their mindset toward women. now, it’s time to change the stereotype thinking of society for the faster growth of our country. The day when women and men will start working together with an equal opportunity that day no one will have the power to stop our country's progress.

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