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China 'Digital Silk Route' Across the World

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

China 'Digital Silk Route' Across the World :-ON 29 June, amidst a tens border standoff with china, the government banned the app along with 58 others for opposing “emergent threat” to the country’s national security while TikTok’s reach- with over 120 million active users in India- made it most visible symbol of government’s action against china, the other app too had a deep presence in India. According to technology market research firm counterpoint, almost one out of every three smartphones users in India had one or more of these app on their device.

In 2018,44 of 100 most download internet application in India were made by Chinese companies according to Observer Research foundation. Last year, TikTok surpassed Facebook to reach 611 million download in India according to Sensor Tower.

China want to control over digital world, with its ‘Digital Silk Road Policy’. In India July 2014, when Xiaomi, often called ‘Apple of china’ made its entry brands such as- Oppo, Vivo, one plus, Realme etc. these peaked in 2016 when Reliance Jio launched cheap data. Latest dated by international Data Corporation shows that top 5 smartphones seller in country , 4 are Chinese with Xiaomi.


XIAOMI – 31.2%

SAMSUNG – 15.6%

REALME – 13.1%

OPPO – 10.6%

OTHERS – 8.5%

Source- IDC Quarterlu Mobile Tracker,May 2020. *accept Samsung all are Chinese brands

This is mainly because of Chinese manufacturing that enabled companies, low cost product. India’s financial technology sector remained untouched either. Of the 30 unicorn in the country, more than half have major investment frim.12 of these count marquee investor Alibaba and Tencent among their backers,


**Amount not disclose; source; venture intelligence

Banned Chinese app and product is not a solution to stop china in our economy. We need proper infrastructure in our country that full fill all these requirements that earlier completed from china import, otherwise all action become useless.

Past example- IN 1910, Gandhi launched ‘SWADESHI MOVEMENT’ – He encouraged people to boycott British good, against British Government.

DRAWBACKS OF SWADESHI MOVENT- No, alternate India product, institution had to be uses in place of British one because of people forget SWADESHI and start again join with British product and institute.

We need to learn from this example, PM Narendra Modi – Atmannirbhar Bharat – making India self-reliant nation is good initiative.

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