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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

CAPITAL OF INDIA IS UNDER GARBAGE :- landfill site in east Delhi has an accumulated 16 million metric tones of garbage. It was started in 1984 and its capacity reached in 2002 after 17 years presently  garbage is dumped here.

In Gazipur landfill site, 450 trucks of garbage dumped daily due to its height is almost equal to Delhi Qutub Minar and area is equal to Tajmahal.

Its height or size is beyond their limit because of in September 2017 some part of it slide or some people say that blast was taken place in which 2 people lost their life .after this accident Govt. said that no garbage is dumped here but within 15 days of the accident again dumping of garbage start were still today garbage is dumped and its area increase day by day.after sept, 2017 accident Govt decides to close the road where accident take place this road connects Delhi to Ghaziabad because of people face lots of problem but against the garbage dumping, no action is taken by the govt.

The distance between the residential area and the landfill site is only 500m around 87 thousand people are living near the Gazipur landfill site and suffering from problems.

In summer a high amount of methane and nitrogen gas is produced because of global warming and fire take place in which harmful gases mix in atmosphere cause air pollution and health diseases. All these regions east Delhi gets the first position in polluted cities all over India

People of this area facing too much problem in breath because of garbage feste. They have died on a daily basis,but no one has time to give attention towards this big issue. Residential people of this area suffer from respiratory problems. According to data between the year 2013-2017 - 981 death happened from an acute respiratory infection.

it is high time that that Govt pays attention to the issue and take relevant steps to solve such a serious problem that has paralyzed the lives of the citizens to a great extent. How will the capital of country became a module for others cities when its condition is like this here ?

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