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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Small hands and innocence face when they need books and pencil that time they work with tool teacups.

In our country, all children are not lucky to get education chance in life. Mostly backwards class children and below poverty line children face the problem of child labour. Their parents are not able to send their children in private schools and the education standard of govt school do not give guaranty they succeed in life. The long term benefit of education, they do not understand and send their children to working companies, factories. where they forced to work is completely unregulated condition without adequate food, proper wages and rest.

The age when they need dreams at that time they doing work in shops and restaurants in hazardous conditions without any dream. People take advantage of children they pay small wages and take extra work from them. According to data 10.13 million child labourers between the age group 5-14 year in India and 22.87 million between the age group 15-18 year. Mostly children belong to Bihar, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh.

To stop child labour 12 June is celebrated as child

day so that people encourage towards child labour and give their hands to stop it. yet 7 out of 10 are working in agriculture. how we can say that our future becomes bright when the upcoming generation does not get an education chance. child Labour is like a cycle it will continue till all the children do not get education.

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I would like to add one more point that's overpopulation..In our country the population's major part is under poverty and illiterate..What they do mostly is .. They think having more children would be helpful and pull out from poverty...But the main problem is that they are unable to nourish them properly and can't provide even basic education.. and this cycle continues.. resulting India became world's second most populated country..If we want to erase out this social evil.. first we have to control our population.. vasectomy and other contraceptive methods should be provided to people..

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