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Wondering through the clouds,

Talking to the subtle air,

Winds gently kissing forehead

Though dry it was but was cold as ice,

Slowly nature was turning to be playful

Clouds seems to be chasing me

But barely they could catch me,

They were far away to ping me,

I was fast and furious,

Till I recognised I was trapped by the creepy


Throughout the game green cheer leaders were

waving and dancing

The whistling wind here announce the winner,

The snowy cloud, the refreshing air, the

invigorating wind and me

All were happily tunning in,

The playful poet all tired and weary

Sank on the ground

Completely exhausted but the clouds still have

the exuberant energy,

I inhaled the down creation

The profound scent of soil,

The teeny tiny particles spread all over the


These earthly scents from meadows and the soil,

All aided me from my weariness’

It was so irresistible that prone our childhood

To eat the dusty food,

It was something fantastic before the new year


Way far when I recognised, I ate handful of them

Seem like completing the undone childhood,

The indomitable spirit of soil, the cheering

childhood and me,

All were happily tuning in,

Laying on the bed freshly grown green,

Which was as soft as cotton,

Gauging at the clouds

And the humming wind

These all comfort took for an hour-long nap,

Laying supine surrounded by bunch of dream

The heating wave shook me out from my peaceful


Just above my head the sun was laughing,

The broader I smile, the brighter he was


I kept starring at him

He kept on shrinking,

He got too much flattered by the continuous


He turned red from yellow just like ripe tomato

He was blushing though,

The sparkling sun, the peaceful grass and me

All were happily tuning in

the clouds started covering him

the wind went cold, colder than the ice now,

just the time passed and dawn turned into dusk

in the echoing twilight,

mamma cuckoo picking food for her young one

gardener nurturing his plants,

it was evening barking was loud,

chirping was melodious,

the chanting of animals was soothing

then the bustle on the streets,

no sooner did the birth of night was announced

the lamps started glowing

whole sky seems to shine

to welcome her

she was beautiful more than the sun,

though sun was spotless and the brightest

but she nailed with her spots

the elegance she made

the name itself was phenomenal,

she was moon,

the beauty of night

welcomed by twinkling stars all over the sky

the night was turning romantic

all you need is Jessica accompanied by Lorenzo,

even moon is going to be with you in your


the queen, the twinkles’ and me

all were happily tuning in

it is all the nature and its beauty

I can be lethargic to enjoy the mother nature,

I can sit all day to talk and play with the


Its all

The roaster shouts aloud alarming to wake up


Now it’s time to wake up readers from my poem,

Now its time to check reality,

where everything and everyone is impure

You were in dream,

The things you are only left with is

the ruined mother nature with her spoiled


This is all we have now

The ruckus, the polluted nature, the ill people

And obviously the poet

All are happily tunning now

All are happily tunning now,



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