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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

THEME 2021

“Living Well with Kidney Disease”.

This has been done in order to both increase education and awareness about effective symptom management and patient empowerment, with the ultimate goal of encouraging life participation.

Every year 2 Thursday in march is celebrated as world kidney day all over the world. This year we will celebrate it on 11 March 2021 . its main objective is to spread awareness among the people about this chronic disease.

The common cause of chronic kidney disease in India is diabetes. We can say that India is the diabetic capital of the world. Rising number of kidney disease is directly proportional to the rising cases of diabetic patients in India. Approximately, 1 in every 5 patients with diabetes is likely to have kidney disease.

ISN – INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF NEPHROLOGY and IFKF- INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF KIDNEY FOUNDATION are joint initiatives of chronic kidney disease. According to WHO 850 million people all over the world suffer from kidney diseases. GLOBAL BURDEN OF DISEASE. (2015)  the study that, in 2015, 1-2 million people died from kidney failure, an increase 32% since 2015. additional each year 1.7 million people are thought to die from acute kidney injury.

In 2010 - 2.62 million people have gone through the dialysis process which is 0.03% of the total population receive treatment because the dialysis and treatment cost is very high which is not affordable by common people. there are many other regions as well people do not receive proper treatment in our country, the lab is not available, in govt hospital dialysis machine are limited, kidney transplantation is very costly and complexity in treatment. 

There are many ways by which we can protect ourselves from kidney disease.

  • People with diabetes, high blood pressure or family history of kidney diseases comprise the high-risk groups. They need to be more careful and undergo a regular screening for kidney diseases .

  • If someone suffering from diabetes they should undergo screening for kidney disease every year.

  • Quitting smoking, alcohol, and tobacco. Poor diet, inadequate exercise, self-medication, high amount of salt in diet also harm our kidneys.

  • Many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar level, affect our kidney and cause kidney disease. for healthy kidney, we need regular exercise, good health and the proper amount of clean drinking water for drinking (average 8-10 glasses per day ) for the proper functioning of the kidney.

  • Whilst effective measures to prevent kidney disease and its progression are important, patients with kidney disease – including those who depend on dialysis and transplantation – and their care-partners should also feel supported, especially during pandemics and other challenging periods, by the concerted efforts of kidney care communities.

It is high time that we can all overcome this disease by adopting good healthy habits and spreading awareness. GOVT. Provide better medical care to those who are suffering from kidney disease.

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